Know where your food comes from.
Be educated on who is growing it and what is going into to.

Serve healthier beef to your family.
Pasture raised beef is more nutritious because of the grass diet. Our beef does not have any hormones, antibiotics, preservatives or animal by-products.  And of course, fresher tastes better!

Sustain the environment.
When you purchase local pasture raised beef, you help perpetuate sustainable farming.

Support the local economy and independent farmers.
Your purchase is an integral part of our farming success. You keep us in business and allow us to offer these healthier and tastier products. Your purchase also helps other supporting local businesses and reduces the demand on large feedlots that confine and stress animals.

Why You Should Choose Beef From Our Farm
 Why We Choose To Farm This Way
Raise happy and healthy cattle.
Cattle that are raised in open spaces with plenty of fresh air and water live low stress and healthier lives which reduces the need for antibiotics.

Lower our impact on the environment.
Raising cattle on pasture instead of on a concentrated feedlot with a grain diet reduces the amount of chemical use (fertilizers and pesticides), transportation and emissions.

Perpetuate the family farm and contribute to the local community.
We love what we do and enjoy every day working with
our family and our animals. We use local supporting services such as printing, meat processing and banking
to keep our money and jobs in the community.

Summerlin Farms - Pasture Raised Beef