Summerlin Farms is a 320 acre family farm outside of Thorndale, Texas, that raises natural, pasture raised beef for sale to the public.

Our Natural Beef is defined by the USDA as minimally processed with no artificial ingredients or preservatives.
It is also
hormone and antibiotic free.

Our cattle happily roam the pastures and graze on native and improved grasses.  Hay and winter forage are added in the winter months.  During drought conditions, the calves diet is supplemented with grain.

Our Pasture Raised Beef is a much healthier product than feedlot beef:
There is less total and saturated fat, cholesterol and calories. 

There is more Vitamin E,     Vitamin C, Beta-Carotine and  Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

Our Farm and Our Beef
Our Mission

We have had the opportunity to eat fresh and healthy beef for most
of our lives and know where that beef comes from.  We want to share
that same comfort with our customers.

We want to provide a low stress life for our cattle while promoting
the local family farm. 

We want to do our part to sustain the environment. 

Summerlin Farms - Pasture Raised Beef